"Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire."

-St. Catherine of Sienna

Let's start with the body. First of all, I love bodies. I trust bodies. Kind of like cars. I love cars, I trust cars. I don't always trust the drivers of the cars... kind of the same thing for the bodies. I know that each car is capable of being an awesome participant on the road, just as each body has the capacity to be an outstanding participant in life.

How's your driving going? Are you paying attention to the road, your fluids, speed limit, the other bodies around you? Are you caring for your body? Are you paying attention to the signals in the form of sensations that your body is sending you ALL OF THE TIME? Like the lights and dials of the car, we have a built-in dashboard of meters and dials to let us know what's going on. Are you watching your gas gauge and checking your water levels?

The body is a phenomenal machine that is like nothing else on the planet. It is a self healing, vehicle for all of the human made elements we have created. Our brain, emotions and spirit exist in our bodies, without a body we are pretty much energy without a container. We have a container, and what a gift. If we are keep our systems running clean, clear, and in awareness we can create some pretty magnificent additions to our communal existence here on Earth, and have a pleasure filled joyful time doing it.



I love your body.
I know that it is wise. Drop in and listen. There are deep whispers there that will share the secrets of you, with you. Your body will guide you to greater joy. Just like your car will take you on a smooth ride to beautiful places. Just listen and let the fun begin. Celebrate you. Trust you. Dance with others and know we are all made of the same wisdom. Awareness.

May you dance your pleasure dance, and dream your biggest and boldest dreams. Be loud, be soft, be strong, be wise, and wake up to your each and every moment in your body and life.

Huge love and fiery warmth from my heart to yours,



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How do you navigate your seasons of stress?

Posted by megan macarthur on November 20, 2013 at 7:44am 0 Comments

Amongst the chaos there is calm and only you can make the decision to access it.


As beings on the planet we are constantly surrounded by stimuli from a full array of multiple sources of information. From cell phones, to relationships with others, changes in the weather, textures of clothing, scents, light, or just the thoughts of the mind, we are bombarded by information directly impacting our nervous system. Our bodies, minds and emotions are inherently programmed to be able to achieve levels of homeostasis amongst exterior and interior stressors once we have adapted to them. Adaptation is specific to an individual’s need and desire to create pleasure in whatever and environment may have to offer. This is what the body ultimately seeks and strives for in every moment. The body asks, how can I make this a more comfortable experience.


I recall my initial arrival in New York City and the clanging, honking, yelling, the coating of city grime and car exhaust, the sea of people at the intersections and the blinking, flashing colors, lights and tall buildings of population stimulation. Coming from Waimea with it’s open pastures, broad mountains, clear skies, and wide waters this was a bit of a blow to my system. I was fearful of the surroundings. They terrified me. Not necessarily in my mind, but in my body. My body panicked, my breathing was shallow, heart raced faster, my feet brushed the ground and had not yet landed to set roots. After about one week I began to notice my body settling into the sea of stimuli. Eventually New York became my home, my comfort zone and my inherent rhythm for many years. I adapted and my body discovered the joy through seeking pleasure and making the changes necessary to land and settle.


Stress of the…


As Confucius wrote more than 4000 years ago in China, “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

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