Final Doorway Dance 2011

Training Video

Born to dance. Age three to this moment Megan has been dancing. First language, first love, first job. In a world of firsts, Megan’s first Nia class was the one she took on the first Sunday of her Nia White Belt Intensive in 1993 which changed her life completely. Upside down and rearranged by the new ways of Nia, she navigated, tore apart, rebuilt, re-structured and scrambled the habitual into a world of experimental and organic. Megan was introduced to living life as “real” joy, as sensations felt only now, and to body wisdom as it educates right now. Megan’s career as a performer began to reach new depths and heights, as a Nia instructor in New York and Hawaii sharing the Joy of Movement continued to expand, her self confidence grew, endurance increased and the Joy of movement became her truth.

Megan inspires her students, from pre-teens to adults, to move in new ways and expressions through her deeply rooted love of and home in movement, sharing the Joy of The Nia Technique nationally and internationally. Now Megan facilitates Nia White Belt Teacher Training Intensives to educate and support those interested in becoming Nia teachers, or for personal growth, as well as, teaches classes and offers workshops world wide, inviting curious movers and those seeking a new way of living in their body’s and their lives.

“Today is a good day to dance.




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