Nia Training

Upcoming Nia White Belt Trainings:

October 2-8, 2015 Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

February 5-11, 2016 Hawaii

May 13-19, 2016 Hawaii

Please contact Megan directly or (808)895-5748

Nia White Belt Training takes you on a journey of self-discovery exploring the art of sensation your body's way. Beginning with the Joy of Movement, you learn 13 principles for body-centered awareness. Each principle teaches you a variety of somatic skills for connecting to physical sensation in your body. Through the science, craft and art of sensation, you will learn Nia's body-centered approach to health, wellness and fitness. Crafting with sensation is the starting point for all Nia teachers. The Art of Sensation is what brings magic to the Nia class experience.

The Art of Sensation is rooted in Nia's philosophy of The Body's Way. Sensation guides you to create health and vitality by moving your body in ways that feel good. Nia White Belt teaches you to develop body literacy - the ability to listen to your body, making choices that lead to health and total body well-being.

Nia White Belt teaches you the Art of Sensation through five core areas of study.

Movement - the study of moving, health + potential; Anatomy - the study of body parts + systems; Science - the study of body awareness, health + vitality; Music - the study of sound, health + expression; and Philosophy, the study of the body's inherent wisdom.

If you want to teach Nia, the Nia White Belt is your first step. You can begin teaching Nia after completing the White Belt and becoming a livelihood member. The membership gives you a teaching license and materials to learn how to teach the Nia class.

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