Stepping Into Life ...  by Megan MacArthur

How will you take this gift and bring it to the world? In what way will this energy continue in your life? Is it a maintenance program or a one shot deal?  Like going to the chiropractor- fix it and it slips out again and again and again until the habitual pattern of use in place changes, the pattern will continue -- the injury --the rut. Miraculous healings do happen, yet if the core ingredients of what brought it about in the first place are not addressed --what will keep the issue from returning?

I guess we could keep coming back for more and more and more and more healing. Yet, why not really take a look at what is happening? Why not look at addressing the underlying nature of the situation? Is there a way to release the reliance upon the crutch  and become self empowered and self supported? 

If Braco were not there ... what would you do?

I have been working with Braco for over one year now. I know there was an immediate shift in me in the first day of experiencing his gaze. I was lighter, more joyful healthy, felt ease in my body and as tumultuous as my life became within weeks, the changes flowed -- fully inspired through my work with Braco. This was suddenly my new life. I was able to navigate and play in ease through it all. Now time has churned and flowed and turned -- there is a maintaining level -- a holding pattern between events. There is growth and new changes in our work in bringing Braco to more people. I know the energy supports this growth.

Now me ... the basic foundation of who i am is to be energized, create, drive and support.  When my foundation is taxed it hurts ... it can’t sustain. What I am finding is that there is an original foundation of instability needing to be rebuilt from my core essence and  patterned state of being. Reprogramming. All of the healing in the world will never get to the root of my responsibilities --my personal task in becoming and celebrating my truest self ... my greatest self. I feel the energy I receive through Braco as it supports,  and nudges me to dive in and go to the root of my being -- past my ego, personality, programmed responses, concerns and fears...  If I do not do the true work that is required of me to fully acknowledge and even change some of these pieces, I may continue to repeat my old patterns. As happy and blissful as I may be one day,  I may still be weakened -- and my body usually lets me know right away.

A simple example of a pattern that comes and goes with me is the conscious awareness of what I put into my body. I know that when I eat well I feel well. When I eat garbage foods, I feel like garbage. I choose to invite these foods into my body. I make that choice. I eat garbage. I feel rotten. I go to a gazing. I feel great. I go home, I eat garbage, I feel like garbage again. If I stop this cycle, I eat well and feel pretty good, knowing I need a little help or support and then go to Braco. Perhaps then there is room for what I need to show up. Perhaps then there is potential for this issue to be lightened and from there I feel great. I then begin to eat well and then the go back to Braco. From here there is room for an even greater sensation than the level I had experienced when all I had been working on was this base layer of please help my body feel better. Now there is room for let’s advance this state of being to allow for my true life’s purpose to come through. Now it shifts to: let’s utilize my truest gifts and create something that the world needs. Now let’s activate my truest most expansive self to be present in the world and assist other in doing the same. Now let’s rock this world and allow for the greatest joy to come in and change the face of humanity from a frown to a smile. I take care of me - so there is room for me to become my greatest self. There is work to do. It may be “hard.” Force in is equal to or greater to the energy out. Inertia may create waves of greater opportunity than I/we could ever dream.

To go in and do the work is the only way i know possible. Magic is available and it works elegantly with the laws of physics and basic mathematics. A+B=C and C can be the most outstanding experience in the world -- never the less, it took A and B to get there.

In all actions and goals I see there are many little Megan issues that come up -- maybe interpersonal communication, maybe, fears or insecurities, whatever they may be -- the energy, or my life seems to know exactly which buttons to push to ask me to take a look and make adjustments. This is the way for me to learn, to grow, and to continue to become more of who I truly am, less the layers of self doubt or ineffective patterning. If I sail over or around something without the basic structure of the issue addressed, I have a tendency to crash. A + B = C. The energy wants me to get it. It presents itself with the just the right amount at the right time and I have a choice as to how I wish to step in. Avoid or dive in -- resist or dance with and harmoniously learn and grow to unravel the patterning of time-and my belief systems.

I want my body to be at ease in my life. Dis-ease is not my desire. I ask for the energy to bring out those things in my way of being which allow me to address them now.  I am a real person. I have weaknesses and I have strengths, The energy, my life, and my truest spirit,  wants me to be strong it wants me to be real. It will do things and create things allowing me to learn the lessons and set my foundation -- discover stability. I seek stability in my nature, fluidity in my breath and my movement -- alive and vital in my body, mind, emotions, and wild and free in spirit .

Do the work -- fearless -- one step at a time -- be bold and go for it.  The energy will support. You are loved. We all are loved ... and we have each other to ask for help. Maybe that too, is a big part of it. Together we can do even more. Supporting each other’s growth. I am expanding out in the world in my dance -- my greatest joy -- with others. With the support and love of my children and my greatest partner in our, all-things-Braco-creations, Jane. They have pushed me, lifted me, challenged me, and inspired me. The combo pack of my body, mind, emotions and spirit practicing, planning and dreaming, the love of those around me and with the support of Braco’s energy igniting the speed and wing span of the projects coming my way, I am free to fly, and expect the unexpected awesomeness of my dreams. I’ll let you know how it all goes ... and see you on the dance floor.



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