All part of the whole–balance occurs through the awareness and teamwork of the entire nervous system. Anatomical nested systems of the mind alive and in constant action in the body. As information of the world is shared in the body, cranial nerves zing and buzz to inform the body to transmit the sensations received, in the body’s own unique way, back out into the world. We are computers, artists and magicians. Each nerve carries information, expression, sourced by life digested and filtered through our individual experiences and brought back out into the world with our unique stamp. A circuit–a system in a system–a system of communication, sensation, awareness, and of the intuitive spirit and nature of the body and the body’s way.
Through my brain, information from the world travels into my body. Into my spinal column—it places and replaces and transmits back out into the world in my own individual way. I learn Nia movements through practicing moving in specific ways. I embody movement through this practice to share it as it was originally sourced at first from outside, from another anatomical structure of nerves, timing, shapes, sensation and experience of life. Then received by my mind/body inside –repeated and eventually carving neural pathways in my being as to become part of who I am–my expression and integral in my anatomy. Awareness, as my cerebellum assists to coordinate signals, space and timing. Through my auditory cortex and the way I have received teaching explanation my mental understanding process and visuals are in place. Through my limbic system, pleasure, and feeling centers are awake and ready to share-learn, play and seek more pleasure–and my spirit has the unique sense of existence in this body– my body and spirit dance together from an intuitive place as Nia movement has been grooved into my neural circuits–become part of my body—and shared in my teaching practice.
My students receive information in their body’s way through their neural pathways and their anatomical structure. Seen, sensed, and felt in their bodies as they express my transmission, my body’s way, in their way, back out in to the world, in their body’s way.
I feel that through the time, distance, arrangement and rearrangement of my body-chewing and spewing of thoughts, shapes colors, images and collective mind, within the ups down and all the between’s of emotional being and feeling and by the space allowed to my spirit—I have stretched and grown—grooved and re-grooved my neural pathways. I have traveled wide, shallow deep, high, inside and outside to a level which now creates a larger container of freedom for my students. Through stretching my own nervous system’s abilities–I have a foundation for my students of the Nia White Belt Intensive to dive into their truest expression. Not to say the there will not be much much more than my nervous system can even fathom at this time, I do feel that my anatomy and understanding of the process by which the education of Nia may be transmitted by me to another has reached a place where it is not limited to one type of student’s learning ability. If they receive through images and vision I have tools to reach them, if they learn through rhythm and sound I have tools to reach them, if they learn through structure or freedom there are tools to reach them…and always more tools to access the BodyMindEmotionsSpirit of an individual through their anatomy.
Our nervous systems share and reveal themselves through movement. Anatomy is my teacher, and assistant in the exploration and “cracking the code” of sharing the joy and the gifts of Nia with a wide world of human beings.

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