Hope you are wrapping the year with total joy.
This week we have an overly of visioning for 2011. Here is the inside track of the process. Start now and dance it through your day.
Accomplishment- "I did it!" --how do you sense it in your body. Physical sensation. I am doing it awareness and JOM as the physical manifestation of it. Keep sensing the "I did it sensation."

Something to work on --your personal challenge and telling the truth to myself--the sensation of truth. What is the sensation of truth in your body? Physical manifestaion of that supported by Duncan Dance and Isadora's path. The just show up and do it experience.

Visioning the future--sensing in your body--what is the sensation of living the dream? Awareness as the focus--Sensations of Now. Running the excitement of living in the creativity of the body along the path of creation--dancing the physical experience of now as the holographic seeds of the visioning mind is set free to weave into the cycles.

Friday class with drums and dancing will be a great day to apply all of these or just weave them throughout your daily moments as you groove into 2012.

from my dancing heart to yours,


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