How do you navigate your seasons of stress?

Amongst the chaos there is calm and only you can make the decision to access it.


As beings on the planet we are constantly surrounded by stimuli from a full array of multiple sources of information. From cell phones, to relationships with others, changes in the weather, textures of clothing, scents, light, or just the thoughts of the mind, we are bombarded by information directly impacting our nervous system. Our bodies, minds and emotions are inherently programmed to be able to achieve levels of homeostasis amongst exterior and interior stressors once we have adapted to them. Adaptation is specific to an individual’s need and desire to create pleasure in whatever and environment may have to offer. This is what the body ultimately seeks and strives for in every moment. The body asks, how can I make this a more comfortable experience.


I recall my initial arrival in New York City and the clanging, honking, yelling, the coating of city grime and car exhaust, the sea of people at the intersections and the blinking, flashing colors, lights and tall buildings of population stimulation. Coming from Waimea with it’s open pastures, broad mountains, clear skies, and wide waters this was a bit of a blow to my system. I was fearful of the surroundings. They terrified me. Not necessarily in my mind, but in my body. My body panicked, my breathing was shallow, heart raced faster, my feet brushed the ground and had not yet landed to set roots. After about one week I began to notice my body settling into the sea of stimuli. Eventually New York became my home, my comfort zone and my inherent rhythm for many years. I adapted and my body discovered the joy through seeking pleasure and making the changes necessary to land and settle.


Stress of the holiday season is something that comes out the blue and is felt by the planet. It is a universal ramping up of stimulation in the world. There is no specific arrival date to plan for, it just happens. It is happening now. Whether you consciously choose to be in or not. We are all in it. It is planetary change. Notice it. Acknowledge that it is impacting your system in some way. Pay attention and gently make adjustments to change. Pay attention to support your body. Conscious choices at times of great stress provide your body with the help it needs to adapt to find new levels of homeostasis.


I just returned from India where upon arrival I was met by an ocean of turbans and unfamiliar sounds, scents and sights. Off the plane and into a taxi where the wheel was on the right as well as the driving; two lanes were used as three and four, even five. This world where cars, camels, cows, rickshaws for two filled with six , families of five on mopeds, beggars of all ages, shapes, and sizes, business people, children and tourists all meet in their saris, sequence and cotton as they shared the road-they created their paths without warning with another, with all others, without linear of organized order, in pure and utter chaos. Chaos. For me order provides functionality in my life—unless I am dancing the wild dance of the world and music, sensation, and play I seek order and ritual. I like rules, they provide safety for my system. In India I had no choice but to drop into the chaos—drop into my awareness center and ride the horn honking taxi through the sea of high speed oncoming traffic, cattle, cows, monkeys, trucks and military with guns.

Immediate adjustment to new stressors for survival.

If one is to get angry frustrated or verbally/ physically upset in India there will be a full blown riot. There are millions of people living in places originally built for thousands. There is no such thing as one self involved person having their own little road rage. With the loss of control in such a way it would create a mass outbreak, a riot—the system is this fragile, too many people, and everyone knows it—therefore, calm and centered with purpose, focus and awareness is the only way.

I dropped in.

Fearless and focused is the way.


From this experience I now return to Waimea, to Hawaii where the air is so clear and unlike Delhi air, can’t be cut with a knife. The stimulation, the stressors are very different. Our stress is so much what we impart upon ourselves. Be aware. Acknowledge you personal choices, external, and self inflicted stress. Know that your “norm” will be directly impacted by the holiday season ahead that will shift your environment. Drop in. Recognize change and adjust. Adjust for pleasure. As a long distance runner begins, the first few miles are for adjustment, adaptation,  and from there the body finds its pleasure zone… homeostasis—its place of comfort in the stress for the long run ahead. To panic is the blow the opportunity to enjoy the journey. Go slowly and consciously into the experience.


Your body is brilliant. Listen to it. Through this season of lights and love, shopping and time constraints allow your body to be in its calm aware state and it will provide you with the vehicle of efficient, effective and joyful action. You are a brilliant being. Your success is not only in what you do for others, but how you maintain your own health, well begin, and personal joy. Take care of your body, your mind and your emotions this season.


Laugh, love, rest, drink plenty of water, get some exercise, hug your children, friends, family and co–workers.  Say “thank you,”  and be grateful for the gift that is your life. Acknowledge this power in you and it will bring you huge joy.



With love from my heart to yours…



Happy Thanksgiving,





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